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God's Desire: Fulfilling His Purpose for the Christian

God has a plan and purpose for our lives. We, as believers, must understand that God orchestrates our lives. No circumstance ever comes upon us without God having prior knowledge. He is in control over the situations in our lives, even those that are adverse. We should also realize that God has desires even as we have desires. To “desire” means to wish or long for. It also means to want strongly. What is it that God longs for and wants strongly? For whom he did foreknew, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the first-born among many brethren. (Romans 8:29) More than anything else, God wants us to become like His only begotten Son. He desires for us to become sons and daughters. Believers consistently wonder what God would have for them to do. He wants us to become like Jesus. Therefore, he orchestrates the events in our lives that we may become like Him. In this post, we want to briefly examine the scriptures to understand that His ultima

God Can Turn It Around: Trusting His Word will Stand

God is the author of life. His very words contain creative power. When He created the earth, He did it through the power of His famous words, “Let there be…” Until this present day, all things that were set in motion remain by the power of His word. From other scriptures, we discover that aside from the power of His words, God’s thoughts and intents will certainly happen. In the book of Isaiah, God declares, The Lord of hosts hath sworn, saying, Surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand (Isaiah 14:24) Whatever the will of the Lord is shall surely happen. Without even speaking, if God thinks or purposes to do something, it will happen. Thus, we understand that God possesses all power. Because of the awesome power of God, He can turn around the unclean things of our lives. The Book of Job asks, “Who can bring a clean out of an unclean?” – God can. God brings impossible things to fruition. The Bible abounds with accounts of God doing the

Our Desire in Christ: Aligning Our Desires with His Purpose

The ultimate desire of God is for us to become sons and daughters, our desire should be the same as His. We must desire to be like Christ. Our goal should be to reach maturity in Him and be as He is. We must not allow our Church duties to become more important to us than Him. If we are careful, ministry can become an obsession, rather than our relationship with God. We must be aware of this pitfall. First, love has to be present in order to be like Him. In the book of I John, God is called love. One of the greatest signs to the world that God is in us and we are His children is love. Love does not mean we do not recognize wrong and sin, but rather will seek to restore. Love covers many sins. In addition, when we are governed by love, we will fulfill the law of Christ. Jesus said that upon love the law and teachings of the prophets rested. Jesus said to His disciples that he gives them a new commandment. His new commandment was for them to love. If they love God, they would keep His s