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Mind Your Own Business

I know, I know, I know. The title of this lesson seems kind of harsh. Trust me, you will get it as you read on. In life, there are times when we have heard others use this expression or we have (or wanted to) use this expression in response to someone’s curiosity. Though oftentimes, it is used as a defensive and derogatory statement, it does hold value for the Christian. Consider these verses… Then Peter, turning about, seeth the disciple whom Jesus loved following; which also leaned on his breast at supper, and said, Lord, which is he that betrayeth thee? Peter seeing him saith to Jesus, Lord, and what shall this man do? Jesus saith unto him, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? follthou me. John 21:20-22 (KJV) Jesus is giving instructions to Peter concerning his future work and ministry. Yet, Peter becomes preoccupied with thinking about what someone else (John) will do. But Jesus’ response of “what is that to thee” is in a sense, asking Peter “what business is

No More Excuses

Excuses! Excuses! Excuses! Have you ever met someone who had nothing but excuses? After a while, it becomes evident that excuses become covers for some internal weakness or hindrance. Many are afraid to try and then fail. Is that you? Others are afraid of responsibility and accountability that comes from promotion and success? Is that you? Others are just plain lazy. They love personal comfort. They want maximum results with little effort. Is that you? It is time for no more excuses. It is time to redirect your focus. Excuses, however, is the shield that many Christians use to justify their lack of growth and maturity in the walk with Christ. Many say that the Church is not right. This is an excuse for non attendance. Others say that they were hurt or disappointed by those in the Church. This becomes an excuse not to fellowship. Then, there are those who say the Bible is hard to understand and their prayer time does not seem spiritual. This serves as an excuse not develop a relationshi